Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Where I Walk

Here's an old poem that warrants a re-read... the deceptions of perceptions.

Where I Walk

Sing a thought. Rub your
fingers raw on the
Theologize until you
go insane

Clouds and thick darkness
surround him
There is a space
That only His form can fill
But I cannot find Him in it

Work until you're weary and
find you can
complete nothing

What I want Him to be
what He is
I see His shape
His features are a mystery

Find me in my

If He came would
He answer
would I understand
would we see each other

path of fire
path of consummation

1 comment:

rosinhead said...

haunting expression of bitter-beautiful search for god/truth.

why can i not find him in the void?
why can't i recognize the one who is always there? when will this crumbling clay be consumed?