Thursday, October 20, 2005


This poem is an attempt to describe the struggle of my heart to accept God's love and discipline; a beauty and pain so intense that I sometimes want to escape this path I have chosen. But I also find that the power of His grace is sufficient to make me a "bush that burns and is not consumed".


Like a stringed instrument
you play me
The confused, hollow spaces in my heart
resonate you best
And the song pours from
deep within your heart
Ringing in my mouth
like a forgotten word

The music troubles me
reveals me
Tears spring forth
I cannot restrain the arm that pulls the bow
Or smash myself to stop the song
I only ask to survive the fire
of your passion.


Anonymous said...

That's my favorite so far...

Anna said...

God's love and discipline...they can be hard to accept...and yet he persists