Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I am a River

I am a river
rushing unquietly among the rocks
pounding the edges away from myself
Seeking smoothness, restful curves, easy slopes

You see me
a roaring torrent, free falling
looking for a gentle place to warm myself in deep pools

or a gentle valley stream
the passion of the mountain hidden in blue-green silt

The treasures of the rocks through which I flow
glitter for hungry eyes to see
They follow my path backwards to find gold
But I'll never go there again

Too much darkness and pressure and pain
brought those glimmering sparks from the rocks
And yet my heart flows there

For I am a river, always running
Daily refreshed by tiny drops, melted from ice
Aquifers, hidden but bubbling forth
living water daily wearing down sharp stones
Always seeking the ocean

Light is a river
A rushing, invisible stream,
pouring all over beauty, form,
texture, faith
Swimming with my eyes open
I can't see above the surface of the running water
Where can I find a quiet pool
To see what lies above this stream?


Avi Abrams said...

love the imagery and the deep meaning of it; very beautiful

lily said...

i'm still digesting moments...but i remember you, too!

great work, tangle!

Anonymous said...

wonderful river biography. Keep swimming with your eyes open.

Tanya said...

i like the vivid imagery, and thought-provoking comparison - "I am a river"

lily said...

may the world beat a path to your door!

Sherry said...

That's beautiful Rach!!! It's my favorite. Never thought of a river quite like that before!!! Very awesome! Keep up the craft.

royalexander said...

joyful joyful
light poring over form. beautiful.

why do we force you to be your true self only in your secret public world? why can i only express my true admiration behind a mask?

you are a beautiful child, tangle