Monday, May 30, 2005

Flower Verses

For all you gardeners out there: over the last few years I've been adding to these "Flower Verses"... enjoy.

The morning glory is
a trumpet of sweetness
A whole blooming orchestra
is growing on my trellis.

The cyclamen is
a falling star
Captured by a lonely plant
and suspended just inches
from the earth.

The peony is
a porcelain bowl
Full of summer joy.
It is the scent of pink.

The lilac is
a wedding of white lace
and lavender gowns.

A growing tree is
A newly-budded vine,
The rolling of the day,
This is love.

The dandelion is
All jolly and bright;
a toddler's beaming face.

The prairie crocus is

The tulip is
a cup of promise
brimful of daybreak.

The wind is
a billowing white sheet
An early summer morning
cool and tangy

Birdsong is
an unborn flower
Droplets of music splash down
pink, yellow and white.


Avi Abrams said...

spectacular... kinda like japanese haiku poetry

Lily said...

I agree with Avi