Sunday, June 12, 2005


I came across this poem which I wrote when I was studying German. Now I am learning Hebrew, and it still describes my thoughts, and the mystery of it all (a little obscurely, yes, but it is poetry after all...)


The names are not so
easily familiar
of those thing which mean the most
Your eyes meet mine
Frozen, I forget the words
to say who you are
Who I am is all I know

The mind- the fog, unbearable glare
The symbol- disbelief, insight
Impossible to wear
So it fades into twilight

A slow fading
The brilliant January afternoon
sun steaming off the road
becomes cold

Numb ears awakening, picking
sounds to understand
Dumb lips are shaking, trying
sounds to mumble
The rhythm, the smooth flow
becomes familiar
Jumbled letters strewn in
haphazard patterns
Realign to show strengths
I never knew existed

but the meat of understanding
fills other senses

Dark eyes strengthening, finding
words to recognize
Old limbs are quivering, stretching
words to excercise

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